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Social Security Disability: Understanding The Basics

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) is a federal government program that provides benefits for adults with disabilities. If a severe disability has left you unable to work, SSD can be a financial lifeline for you and your family. Getting benefits can be tricky, however.

At the Law Offices of Daniel Berger in New York City, we are the lawyers to help you in this challenging time of your life. We focus our practice exclusively on Social Security law and have done so since 1996. Our attorneys can serve as your voice, guide and advocate through all stages of the SSD process, working hard to fight for the financial resources you need.

How Do You Qualify?

To qualify for SSD, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You can’t work because of a severe and long-term disability
  • You’ve had sufficient work history to qualify

Our attorneys can evaluate your situation to provide guidance on whether you’re eligible.

What Counts As A Disability?

To count as a disability, your condition must be severe and expected to last at least a year (except for terminal conditions). The Social Security Administration has a list of conditions that qualify as disabilities when they impair your ability to work. They include both physical and mental health conditions.

Our firm can guide you through the screening process to determine whether you qualify for the proper benefits. We may be able to help increase your chances of having a successful case.

Learn more about what is considered a disability.

How Do You Get Benefits?

To get SSD benefits, you must first submit an application. Many applications get denied at this stage due to insufficient evidence, problems with eligibility or other issues. Thankfully, if you act quickly after a denial, you can request reconsideration and pursue an appeal.

Our attorneys can help you with the initial application as well as any appeals.

What Amount Of SSD Income Can You Get?

SSD benefits are calculated based on your unique case and how long you have worked.

What Is Supplemental Security Income?

Supplemental security income (SSI) is a federally funded supplemental income for people with disabilities who have very little to no income. If you do not qualify for SSD, you may qualify for SSI to provide you with income to cover their basic necessities of shelter, food and clothing.

Experience Spanning All Kinds Of Disability Cases

Over the course of decades, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Daniel Berger have helped people with all kinds of disabilities get the SSD or SSI benefits they deserve. We have seen it all. Our past clients have had disabilities ranging from brain injuries, heart disease, COPD, arthritis, kidney disease and many other physical disabilities. We have also helped clients with various psychological conditions such as PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety.

People suffering from mental disabilities have just as much right to qualify for disability as those with physical disabilities.

Get A Compassionate Legal Team In Your Corner

We at the Law Offices of Daniel Berger have compassion for those with disabilities, whether physical or mental. No one chooses to be disabled. We know how difficult it is to live with a disability, and we are on your side. We will apply our in-depth knowledge of Social Security law to get you the proper benefits that allow you to have the highest quality of life possible. We will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

We are here to help. To learn more, send us an email or call 718-691-7475. We offer free consultations and don’t charge attorney fees unless we’re successful.