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What is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD)?

Social Security disability insurance (SSD) is a benefit that is paid to either you or your family members if you have become disabled and cannot work. It is a federal government program to assist you if you have become disabled.

There are certain qualifications to meet in order to receive Social Security disability insurance. The main qualification you need to meet is if you have worked long enough to earn the proper number of credits. These credits are based on the number of years you have worked. You can earn up to four credits per every year you have worked.

Another qualification is that you must have paid Social Security taxes. If you have been working you will need to provide your income documents to assist in determining if you can qualify for SSD. There are other determining factors which the attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Berger can assist you with your case. We are experts in this area and focus on Social Security Law.

How Do You Apply?

When you have become disabled, it is imperative to apply for SSD as soon as possible. This can be a daunting task as you will need to gather the appropriate and accurate documents. A person can apply through the government website at www.ssa.gov. The government program also offers a phone call in application process.

The other option to assist you is to consult with one of the expert attorneys in Social Security disability insurance at our law office. We will walk you through the process. We can provide you with the proper information you will need for your disability hearing. We will put you in the right position with our free consultation. If you choose the Law Offices of Daniel Berger to represent you in your disability process, you will need to notify the Social Security Administration as soon as possible. Our expert attorneys can provide you with correct forms and documents to provide to the Social Security Administration.


Once you have notified the SSA, one of our attorneys will represent you we will begin assisting you. We will help gather your medical records from your doctors and other physicians. We will attend any hearings regarding your case.

Most cases do not get approved. If this occurs in your case, we will request an appeal review. We will make sure we exhaust every option for you to obtain the proper Social Security disability insurance. If you have become disabled, contact our attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Berger for your free consultation. We will begin your application process immediately.