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Common Conditions Causing Disability – Back Disorders

Back disorders are a common cause of pain for a lot of people in America. Types of back pain range from the slightest pulled muscle to the most severe forms of arthritis. Back disorders are the most received application for disability by the Social Security Administration.

Determining what type of back disorder qualifies for disability is a challenging process. The Law Offices of Daniel Berger can assist you in determining if your back disorder will qualify for disability.

You need to medically prove your back disorder causes you enough pain to prevent you from working, and the SSA sets strict criteria for these types of issues. You need extensive documentation from your doctor to win your disability case. Here are some common conditions of back disorders causing disability.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis is the narrowing of the spaces in your spinal column. This condition can put pressure on the nerves which travel through these spaces. This pressure can cause severe pain. Your doctor must thoroughly document this condition to prove it causes you disabling pain.

Nerve Root Compression

Nerve root compression is the impingement of a nerve in your spine. The most common nerve root compression disorder people have is sciatica. This condition can cause shooting pain down the legs and can cause weakness. If not treated properly, nerve root compression may cause a decrease in your quality of life. Your doctor determines whether you have disabling pain or not ahead of a determination by the SSA.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc occurs when one or more of the soft cushioning pads (discs) that reside between the spinal vertebrae, pushes out of the spinal column. The disc can then cause pain and numbness to the extremities. A herniated disc must be a chronic condition for a disability determination. Herniated discs can be repaired in some cases, and that depends on what your care team decides during the course of your treatment.


Arachnoiditis is the inflammation of the arachnoid. The arachnoid is the membrane that covers the nerves and protects them. This condition can cause a burning and stinging pain. Unlike other back conditions, doctors cannot treat arachnoiditis very easily. Most people who suffer from this condition look to minimize and control the pain caused by the inflammation. This condition has a high chance of being approved for disability due to its recognition by the SSA. You need to have all medical records to be able to provide the SSA for your case. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Daniel Berger specialize in disability cases.

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