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Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2017 | Initial SSD Applications

It is suggested that one should apply for disability benefits immediately upon becoming disabled. There are several ways in which you may apply. The administration suggests that you apply online which will expedite the process that can take 3 to 5 months. You may call the Social Security administration directly or you may also call or visit your Social Security Office. If you decide to visit a local office be sure to make an appointment.

As stated, a disability claim does take longer than other types of Social Security claims. By gathering adequate information you may be able to help expedite the process. Having necessary documents accessible at at the time of your application and allowing the Administration to acquire any additional information they may need to prove your disability is essential. The following is a partial list of information that may be needed. For additional information link to the Social Security Administration’s website.

1. Personal information including your Social Security number and proof of age.

2. Names, addresses and phone numbers of health care professional. Gather this information for any physicians, clinics, hospitals or caseworkers whose care you have been under. Be sure to include the dates associated with the visit.

3. Medical records that are in your possession from any of the above health care professionals.

4. Results from tests or any lab results.

5. Work records. You must list up to 5 jobs that you had in the last 15 years and the tasks you performed. Include detailed dates with this information also.

6. W-2 Forms that are most recent. If you are self employed you must include the latest copy of your Federal Tax Return.

7. You must include information on any family member that may also be eligible for benefits.

8. If you have a spouse that is applying you must include your marriage date along with any prior marriages that may apply.

All documents submitted must be original, copies are not accepted. You can bring them into your local office and copies will be made.

The Social Security Administration also suggests that you submit your application despite not having all necessary documentation. This will ensure that the process is not be delayed and they will also help gather any information you are lacking.

The most important fact to note is that the process for applying for benefits can be arduous and frustrating. At the time you apply for benefits you may request representation. Any of our representatives would be happy to assist you in the process.