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Overview of Filing a Social Security Insurance Appeal

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2017 | SSD Appeals

While a denial of benefits is discouraging, this letter does not mean the end of hope. Filing a Social Security insurance appeal gives you another shot at an approval. And, backpay guidelines ensure you receive the money you are due.

Social Security insurance appeal lawyers provide advocacy and a voice for you. This support is a welcome relief in a time of challenging medical issues and Social Security jargon. While you retain the right to represent yourself, an advocate proves a valuable asset in the appeal process.

Filing an Appeal Online

Fortunately, filing an appeal is simpler and more convenient with the online appeals application. Go to ssa.gov to get step by step instructions in filing an appeal. You also find information on:

— Your right to appeal.

— The appeal process.

— A fair review of your case.

It is important to note that an appeal must arrive at Social Security (digitally or written) within 60 days of the denial letter reaching you. For clarity, Social Security must receive the appeal in hand within this time. If not, the process begins again with a new claim filed.

Uploading Necessary Documentation

To complete the application, supporting documentation is required. With the online application, this necessary paperwork uploads easily. Plus, submission is direct which saves time and helps return a decision faster.

Documentation you need to submit might include:

— Doctor and hospital visit information since you last filed.

— Medical treatments and tests which occurred after your original documentation.

— Current medications.

— Changes in your medical condition, work, education and daily activities.

Social Security insurance appeal lawyers walk you through each step. This help ensures the all necessary information is complete. And, this increases the chance of a favorable decision.

Making a Determination

Once filed, your entire case is reviewed by a new set of eyes. Original and new evidence are considered. And, a determination is made. The result may be the same or changed. Again, you receive a letter stating the Social Security decision.

This first level of appeal is termed a reconsideration. A denial at this level allows you three more chances to receive benefits. In order, these levels are a:

— Hearing by an administrative law judge.

— Review by the Appeal Council.

— Federal Court review.

If you do not have a computer or access to one to file your Social Security insurance appeal, a lawyer offers alternatives. He or she also ensures deadlines are met and answers any questions you might have during the process.