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When Is a Person Considered Disabled by the Social Security Administration?

The Social Security Administration uses a five-step process to decide if you are a disabled person and entitled to Social Security disability benefits: You must not be engaging in market-rate paid work; and You must have a serious illness or disability; and Your impairment must meet the definitions of disabled persons described in the Social Security regulations https://www.ssa.gov/disability/professionals/bluebook/AdultListings.htm”, or You…

How Does Social Security Disability Evaluate Cancer Cases?

Although a diagnosis of cancer often forces people to take a leave of absence from work, only a few people will actually qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration requires individuals with cancer to prove their disease will prevent them from maintaining employment for 12 months or more. The SSA has something called a Blue Book…

How to Qualify for SSD Benefits with a Herniated Disc?

It’s no secret that the human spine is made up of an intricate network of bones, nerves, spinal discs, muscles, flexible ligaments and tendons. It is designed to protect sensitive nerve roots and provide strength while remaining incredibly flexible. However, over time or due to injury, the delicate spinal discs that work to cushion the vertebrae can break down and…

Qualifying for Social Security Disability due to Low IQ

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recognizes that a medically documented case of mental impairment, such as low IQ, can be a disability qualifying for benefits. While many people with a low IQ disability can sometimes work full time positions and maintain gainful employment, there are still those that have difficulty holding a job due to the condition. Qualifying for Disability…