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SSD Appeals

How To Win A Social Security Federal Court Appeal

Fewer than a quarter of the people seeking Social Security disability benefits receive approval on their initial application. The rest of them get a letter explaining the reason their application was denied and informing them of their right to appeal. If a disability prevents you from working, giving up without a fight should not be an option. Instead of giving…

How To Respond To Questions In An SSD Hearing?

When it comes to navigating SSD hearings, the disability claimant has to be ready for anything. Sometimes they’ll be expected to answer questions, while other times the hearing may proceed without the claimant needing to say anything at all. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are expected to speak. How Should I Talk to Officials?…

Overview of Filing a Social Security Insurance Appeal

While a denial of benefits is discouraging, this letter does not mean the end of hope. Filing a Social Security insurance appeal gives you another shot at an approval. And, backpay guidelines ensure you receive the money you are due. Social Security insurance appeal lawyers provide advocacy and a voice for you. This support is a welcome relief in a…