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How to Apply for Social Security Disability with an Auditory Processing Disorder

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2019 | Social Security Disability (SSD)

An auditory processing disorder (APD) makes it difficult for someone to process information they can hear because something interferes with the ability for the brain to “understand” signals sent by the inner ear. No known cause or standard treatment is available for APD. Some research suggests trauma, head injury or a severe middle ear infection may promote development of APD. Children and adults with ADPD may qualify for SSI disability as long as financial eligibility requirements are met. SSD for special senses disability benefits may also be awarded if the adult applying for benefits has earned enough credits to qualify.

What are Signs of Auditory Processing Disorder?

People with APD may or may not suffer from partial hearing loss. In addition to having difficulty understanding and following directions, children and adults with APD often have trouble:

  • Listening in places where there are loud background noises
  • Understanding telephone conversations
  • Taking down notes
  • Conversing, spelling and reading
  • Socializing in large gatherings surrounded by background sounds and conversations
  • Making certain alphabetical sounds or speaking without stuttering, slurring or stammering

Diagnosing APD includes having a hearing test to determine if hearing loss is present, evaluating a patient’s response to complex spoken information and using background noise to determine if the patient has trouble distinguishing noise from conversation.

How Do You Qualify for SSI Disability for Auditory Processing Disorder?

APD is listed in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book in Section 111.09. If you are applying for special senses disability, you most prove to the SSA that you suffer from a communication impairment that your doctor has associated with a neurological disorder. In addition, you must have a speech deficit that significantly impacts the content clarity of your speech or hearing impairment symptoms described in the Blue Book. Children with APD must submit documents showing comprehension deficits due to lack of normal verbal communication appropriate for that child’s age.

Should I Hire a Disability Attorney Before Applying for Special Senses Disability Benefits?

Proving an auditory processing disorder severely affects a child’s quality of life or an adult’s ability to remain gainfully employed is more difficult than proving other disabling conditions. Call the Law Office of Daniel Berger today to learn how we can help you get approved for SSI disability as quickly as possible.