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Our meticulous research makes the difference.

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2021 | Firm News

Our meticulous research makes the difference.

No one would watch a TV show or movie about court cases that included lengthy scenes of lawyers sitting in a library or at a computer doing research. Legal research may not be sexy or dramatic, but it wins cases.

Our office recently won an appeal in federal court on behalf of a person whose disability claim had been denied. We knew from years of experience handling disability appeals that our arguments in support of our client’s claim for benefits were sound because judges in other cases had issued favorable decisions based on them.

Precedent is the legal principle under which courts rely upon and follow decisions made in prior cases involving similar issues or facts. Showing a judge how other courts decided cases based upon arguments similar or identical to those now being raised may persuade a judge to rule in your favor.

The arguments made on behalf of our client were supported by citations to 31 other cases in which federal courts issued favorable decisions based upon the same or similar arguments. A bonus that comes from extensive experience handling appeals in federal court was evident as three of the cases cited as precedent for ruling in our favor were federal court appeals won by our office.

When you come to the Law Office of Daniel Berger for help with a disability claim, expect an unsurpassed commitment to excellence and dedication to achieving outstanding results. We put in the time and the effort needed to help you get the compensation you deserve.