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What is a technical SSD denial?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | SSD Claim Denials

It is often said that most Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) applications are denied the first time that they go through. This is true. The process is rigorous, and many people who will eventually get approved do get denied at first. But don’t assume this means that you are going to be denied forever or that you have no other options.

For instance, perhaps you have been denied on technical grounds. With a technical denial, this means that the Social Security Administration did not even officially assess your medical condition. Many people believe that they are being informed that they do not have a medical disability, and they are very confused. But the truth is that the SSA may never have even gotten to that point in the process if you were denied on technical grounds. This happens to about 37% of applications.

Examples of a technical denial

One example of a technical denial is if someone simply has not worked recently enough or if they haven’t worked long enough. Not everyone is going to qualify for SSD. One of the first things that the SSA checks is if you have put in the proper amount of work and meet these other types of restrictions. If you do, then they will consider if your medical condition is actually a disability.

Generally speaking, it takes about 10 years to qualify for Social Security. This earns you 40 credits toward the system. So someone may have been working for nine years when they became disabled and simply not have enough work credits yet. This would give them a technical denial, even though their injury certainly could leave them with a lasting disability.

This is only one hurdle of going through the SSD process, which is notoriously difficult and complicated. As you can see, it is very important to know exactly what steps to take and what is required.