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Stigma among people who need disability benefits

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2024 | Social Security Disability (SSD)

Independence is one of the elements used to measure success in society. While it can be a positive aspect, motivating people to achieve more, it can be a limiting factor when someone needs help. Many people don’t want to “live off the system.” Accordingly, they fail to apply for disability benefits or receive them. 

If this is your experience, here is what to know:

Focus on the advantages

Anyone can experience disability, and nearly everyone experiences it as they age. That’s why the government offers aid. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provide eligible applicants with monthly payments and Medicare when they can no longer work due to a disability. These programs were not created for “lazy” people but hard-working ones whose ability to provide for themselves has been affected by a disability.

Thus, instead of focusing on the shame and embarrassment you may experience, magnify the benefits of the programs.

Consider benefits counseling

The stigma you may feel when you know you need disability benefits can be a serious issue. Thus, consider joining a benefits counseling program. A benefits counselor can provide the right tools to debunk the misconceptions surrounding disability benefits. 

Additionally, by assessing your budget, they can help you identify how receiving the benefits will help you personally. For example, since you will have Medicare coverage, your counselor can help you allocate other funds, such as your savings, to other expenses and, in turn, continue living a comfortable life.

Essentially, your benefits counselor will ensure you are adequately educated to make informed decisions and confident enough to apply for your eligible benefits.

Stigma is not uncommon among people who need SSDI and SSI benefits. Consider legal guidance during your application to know the steps to take.