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3 mistakes to avoid when appealing an SSD denial

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2023 | SSD Appeals

Your application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) can be denied for different reasons, including insufficient medical evidence, too much income/assets or procedural mistakes. However, if you disagree with this decision, you can appeal it.

You need to obtain more information about your case to make the right moves during your appeal. The following are three mistakes to avoid:

1. Waiting too long to appeal

You have 60 days after receiving the denial decision to appeal. Therefore, when you learn about the denial, you should gather the needed information and evidence quickly. Don’t wait until the deadline nears to request reconsideration as you may encounter delays.

Note that submitting an appeal after the deadline may lead to an automatic denial.

2. Not gathering evidence

You need sufficient evidence when appealing an SSD denial. In addition to the evidence you presented during your initial application, you need up-to-date records. Therefore, it may not be in your best interest to give up on treatment or documenting symptoms after a denial. You need in-depth medical records, prescriptions and doctors’ notes during the appeal

Further, even after submitting your request, you should continue recording your symptoms. It may take some time before your first hearing is scheduled.

Not reviewing the judge’s hearing

If you disagree with the judge’s decision during your hearing, you can request an Appeals Council to review it. Thus, it may not be a wise move to accept the decision without fighting for your rights. If the council disagrees with the judge’s order, they can make a decision or return your case to another judge for further review.

If your SSD claim is denied, consider appealing it. Legal guidance can help you to understand the steps to take.